Please join us in welcoming Yuji Hiratsuka, print maker extraordinaire, to our Cleveland gallery, Saturday, February 23, from 2:00 - 4:00 PM! Coming all the way from Corvallis, Oregon, Yuji will be giving an artist talk discussing not only his elaborate printmaking process, but also the inspirations behind the imaginative narratives found throughout his work. Don't miss this opportunity to meet the artist, sip sake, and marvel at his internationally renowned prints. This event is in conjunction with our most recent exhibition, Paper & Ink, featuring Hiratsuka, and excellent local print maker Hui-Chu Ying. Mark your calendar!! Parking will be available that afternoon for a reduced rate at Crittenden lot next to Mallorca. Just mention the gallery.

Upcoming Exhibitions

New Directions, works by Stephanie Spyker, Joe Karlovec, Austin Turner and Mike Mentz  

Thursday, January 10th – Saturday, February 9th, 2019

Opening Reception:  Thursday, January 10th, 5:30 – 8:00pm

Harris ∙ Stanton Gallery Akron

2301 West Market Street, Akron, OH  44313

Gallery Hours:  Tues. – Fri. 10:30am – 5:30pm; Sat. 10am – 4pm

Harris ∙ Stanton Gallery in Akron opens its 2019 calendar year with our annual New Directions exhibition on January 10th, 2019. New Directions, an exhibition dedicated to highlighting emerging young talent, has become a favorite exhibition of HSG viewers! This year’s show will feature exciting work and fresh perspectives by artists Stephanie Spyker, Joe Karlovec, Austin Turner and Mike Mentz.

University of Akron graduate, Stephanie Spyker’s Polaroid montages emphasize location and investigate how a specific location can tell a visual story. Spyker manipulates photographs and uses a Polaroid printer to piece together hundreds of small images to create one cohesive landscape. Joe Karlovec’s paintings embrace dense physical surfaces and smooth graphic imagery. Karlovec, a Kent State University graduate, builds his surface by using common studio materials such as wood, fabric, foam, tape and plastic resulting in a canvas where sculptural forms emerge. Cleveland Institute of Art graduate, Austin Turner uses a 3D modeling program to create scrambled renderings of a virtual place. Turner then paints exaggerated landscapes containing flat planes, perspective lines and figures in an attempt to explore our understanding of place and to help the viewer build a narrative about community, architecture and the lull of office space. Mike Mentz, a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art, uses line pattern to exploit the optic qualities of his interactive glass sculptures. These works allow the audience opportunities for reflection and challenge the participant to slow their conscious stream. The work explores topics relating to self-identity and its formation, interdependence, kinetic potential, and cultivating mindfulness.

New Directions opens at our Akron gallery location, 2301 W. Market Street, with a wine and cheese reception on Thursday, January 10th, 5:30-8pm.  A gallery talk by the artists will take place at 6:30pm. The exhibition runs through Saturday, February 9th, 2019.

Paper and Ink, new works by Yuji Hiratsuka and Hui-Chu Ying

Thursday, February 7 – Saturday, March 16th, 2019

Opening Reception: Thursday, February 7th, 5:30 – 8:00pm

Harris ∙ Stanton Gallery Cleveland

1370 West 9th Street, Cleveland, Ohio, 44107

Gallery Hours: Tues. – Fri. 11am – 6pm; Sat. 11am – 4pm

Harris ∙ Stanton Gallery in Cleveland is pleased to present new works by Yuji Hiratsuka and Hui-Chu Ying in the exhibition, “Paper and Ink” which opens Thursday, February 7th, 2019. These two contemporary artists bring us new colorful artwork, using a variety of printmaking techniques.  Hiratsuka, born in Japan, has lived and worked in the United States for over 40 years. Ying, born in Taiwan, resides in Akron, Ohio, and currently teaches at the University of Akron,.

Themes of contemporary life are the subjects of Hiratsuka’s print works. He uses the intaglio printmaking process along with the French technique of “chine colle” to create his colorful pieces. The artists’ playful way of depicting simple realistic imagery with metaphorical elements fills the viewer with a sense of whimsy and irony that relates to human nature. Eastern influences are evident in his compositions, and his talent in use of color and design are sure to please art enthusiasts of all kinds.

Hui-Chu Ying’s prints combine techniques and materials from Western-based culture, with traditions from Asian art. Her work blends printmaking with painting, drawing, sewing, etching, and collage. Layering is an important characteristic of her work. In some pieces, texts from several religious books from around the world appear in the backgrounds, while symbols of prayer, healing and life inhabit the foreground.  A sense of harmony and tranquility is felt through Ying’s works.  

Paper and Ink opens at our Cleveland gallery location, 1370 W. 9th Street, with a reception from 5:30-8:00pm, on Thursday, February 7th.  A gallery talk by the artists will take place midway through the opening.  The exhibition runs through Saturday, March 16th, 2019.